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Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Version Exclusives: Which To Buy

A Pokémon trainer rides Koraidon in Pokémon Scarlet.

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Vulpix or Growlithe? Zangoose or Seviper? Ever since Arceus made the world in its picture, Pokémon followers have needed to grapple with an enormous alternative: which model to get. That quandary will stay in place for the most recent video games, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Each technology of Nintendo’s zeitgeisty monster-hunting RPGs splits up its roster of Pokémon, with a handful exhibiting up in a single recreation whereas remaining absent from the counterpart (and vice versa). This technique makes a sure diploma of sense, if cynically. Pokémon video games have at all times launched as a pair. Making some Pokémon obtainable in a single model however not the opposite probably incentivizes further gross sales. (Nintendo reviews gross sales figures for Pokémon video games lumped collectively.) Or, much less cynically, it forces gamers to truly interact with one another and commerce.

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are not any totally different. We already knew the legendary Pokémon, two motorcycle-inspired dragons known as Koraidon and Miraidon, have been unique to Scarlet and Violet respectively. However within the wake of a large information dump this week, the roster is slowly coming into readability. Listed below are the version-exclusive Pokémon recognized thus far, a listing we’ll hold up to date as extra info turns into obtainable within the run-up to the sport’s November 18 launch on Change.

Pokémon Scarlet Exclusives

  • Larvitar, a rock-ground-type lizard creature who first debuted in Pokémon Gold and Silver.
  • Pupitar, the second-stage evolution of Larvitar. It floats for some motive. Although Pupitar hasn’t been formally confirmed, we’re together with it because it evolves from a confirmed Pokémon. (One caveat although: In Pokémon Sword and Defend, Slowpoke, who has been a part of the collection because the days of Crimson and Blue, couldn’t evolve except you picked up the expansions.)
  • Tyrannitar, the ultimate stage of Larvitar’s evolution chain. In contrast to the prior two evolutions, Tyrannitar drops the ground-type affiliation and is rock-dark-type.
  • Stonjourner, a rock-type from Pokémon Sword and Defend who, I suppose, is meant to be a play on the well-known Stonehenge monument in England.
  • Koraidon, Scarlet’s legendary Pokémon and canopy mannequin.

Pokémon Violet Exclusives

  • Bagon, a dragon-type Pokémon who debuted in Pokémon
  • Shelgon, the second-stage evolution of Bagon. The identical logic that applies to Larvitar’s evolution chain applies to Bagon’s, too.
  • Salamence, a dragon-flying kind Pokémon and the ultimate stage of Bagon’s evolution chain. Some folks (responsible as charged) are satisfied Salamence is the good Pokémon of all time, ever.
  • Eiscue, an ice-type penguin Pokémon with a large ice dice for a face.
  • Miraidon, Violet’s legendary Pokémon and canopy mannequin.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are set to reimagine different long-standing elements of the collection. Set in a area known as Paldea, impressed by the IRL Iberian Peninsula, these video games are totally open-world for the primary time in collection historical past. There’s four-player co-op. Gyms are again, with one chief specifically leaving many followers sexually confused. And in lieu of debatably foolish options like “Mega Evolution,” some Pokémon are able to a factor known as—it is a very actual phrase, by the best way—“terastallizing,” which implies they cowl themselves in crystals and might change their kind on the fly.


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