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Fidough Is New Star Of Pokémon Scarlet, Violet Internet Decrees


Fidough, the latest Pokémon announcement, is a puppy made of uncooked bread. I'm sorry.

Picture: Nintendo / Kotaku

At the moment’s Pokémon Direct introduced us a slew of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet information, and naturally inside that have been glimpses of some freshly revealed Technology IX monsters. The stand-out being the inexplicable Fidough, a cute little pet that’s seemingly…raw bread?

So what will we find out about this carb-based lifeform? We all know they’re from the Paldea area, that they’re Fairy kind, and maybe most of all, we could be certain they’re an excellent boy.

Besides. “Fidough’s moist, clean pores and skin has elastic qualities and is each agency and delicate on the identical time,” begins the chill-inducing description in Nintendo’s official press launch. No. No no, not “moist,” by no means “moist.”

At the moment’s presentation described it as, “delightfully squishy Pokémon which can be clean to the contact.” There’s nothing I like about that sentence both. They sound like these Squishies toys that have been a short-lived rage a couple of years again. Are they scented, too? Are you able to squish all of them up tiny they usually re-expand? Or would that knock all of the air out of a Fidough, and also you’d have to go away it to show for an additional hour and a half?

The press launch continues (and I warn you, it does not get higher), “When these Pokémon grow to be excited, they intimidate their opponents by puffing up their our bodies to seem greater. Fidough ferments issues in its neighborhood utilizing the yeast in its breath. The yeast is beneficial for cooking, so this Pokémon has been protected by folks since way back.”

What the precise. It simply ferments stuff? Due to…due to the yeast…in its breath? That’s…that’s thrush. This pet has thrush.

Look, I can’t fake to be OK with edible-looking Pokémon. Final time we ended up with the delicious-looking LeChonk, a pig-like ‘mon that might go nicely in…nicely, it will go nicely in a freshly baked Fidough, proper? Sizzling-diggity-dog.

The newly announced Pokémon, Cetitan, with white spikes all over his round body.

Screenshot: Nintendo

It’s solely been a little bit over an hour after the newest trailer, however already the pup is proving to be successful with fan artists who’re enthusiastic about Fidough. Maybe they don’t know in regards to the yeast?

We additionally realized right this moment in regards to the Paldean Type Wooper, which lives on the land, and, um, “covers its physique with a toxic movie.” It’s swapping Water kind for Poison, whereas protecting Floor, this model purple as an alternative of blue, and with bone moderately than spine-shaped appendages poking from its head.

And there’s Cetitan, an angry-looking Tera Whale Pokémon, Ice kind, who seems to give attention to hefty bodily assaults, utilizing the horrendously-named Thick Fats and Slush Rush talents.

I’m sorry in the event you got here right here for protection of the unbelievably cute-looking bread-dog, and as an alternative obtained the information that it’s each “moist and clean”, and suffers from an oral yeast an infection. This isn’t my duty. I simply report the info.


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