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OSRS Quest Guide 2022: 4 Best F2P Quests

In my private opinion, Outdated Faculty RuneScape has a few of the finest free-to-play quests obtainable in any on-line gaming world. The writing is superb, the characters are humorous, and they’re a good way to get to discover the world of RuneScape! Because of this, I’ve put collectively this Outdated Faculty RuneScape Quest Information to introduce you to a few of our favourite quests in OSRS.

The Knights Sword

The Knight’s Sword is a fan-favorite quest for a number of causes. Firstly, it’s simply plain enjoyable. You’re going to be working rather a lot, and should you’re a low stage, you’ll need some meals for dashing previous Ice Warriors and Ice Giants. Secondly, you’ll be able to earn a bluerite sword, which isn’t a very sturdy weapon nevertheless it does look fairly cool as free to play gadgets go. The most important enchantment of this quest, particularly for low-level gamers, is the 12,275 Smithing expertise. This is sufficient to stage you up on to stage 29 Smithing, which is why that is additionally the primary quest many gamers like to finish.

To start out, head to the White Knight’s Citadel and converse with the Squire, who will ship you to the Varrock Palace to talk additional with Reldo. On the way in which previous the Grand Trade, choose up a redberry pie, 4 iron bars, and a pickaxe (you’ll want these later.) Reldo is on the north finish of the Varrock Palace, and he’ll let you know in regards to the Imcando dwarf who’s situated south of Port Sarim. Particularly, you’ll need to go to the south-westernmost tip of the peninsula under Port Sarim the place you’ll discover Thurgo. Give the redberry pie to Thurgo and ask him in regards to the knight’s sword. Then head again to Falador to talk with the Squire as soon as once more. We did let you know you’d be touring rather a lot!

Again in Falador, converse with the squire earlier than heading upstairs to Sir Vyvin’s room. You’ll want to look the cabinet in his room with out Sir Vivyn seeing you. This half is a bit difficult, attempt to have a good friend to talk with him or just search the cabinet when he isn’t trying towards you. It would take a number of tries, however when you’re profitable you’ll be able to head again to Thurgo once more. When you’re a low stage, be sure you convey meals with you this time. You’ll in all probability want it within the Ice Dungeon. After handing the image to Thurgo, enter the Ice Dungeon and stroll till you see snow. Flip your run on and shortly collect two blurite ores. Converse with Thurgo once more and he’ll make you a sword, drop this one and converse to him once more to get a second sword. Now you might have one for you and one to return to the squire. Converse with the Squire within the White Knight’s fortress to finish your quest!

The Stressed Ghost

That is one other all-time favourite of decrease stage gamers. For starters, it’s situated proper in Lumbridge and many individuals merely begin it by coincidence as they begin exploring the sport from Lumbridge city middle. Moreover, you’ll achieve 1,125 prayer expertise for completion, which isn’t a nasty turnaround in comparison with burying bones for less than 4.5 expertise per bone!

Converse with the priest within the creepy chapel on the south finish of the town subsequent to the graveyard. He’ll let you know in regards to the ghost haunting the graveyard and ship you to talk with Father Urnhey. Simply west of Lumbridge swamp you’ll discover the Father in a small shack, who offers you an Amulet of Ghostspeak. Return to the graveyard and enter the crypt within the south nook. Search the coffin and a ghost will seem who sends you to the Wizard’s Tower. That is situated simply west of the home you discovered Father Urnhey, south of Draynor.

Within the basement of the Wizards Tower, you’ll search the altar to discover a cranium. A skeleton will seem, however you don’t must kill it. Simply run again up the ladder, return to the graveyard, and converse with the ghost once more. Use the cranium on the coffin and also you’re completed! Fast stage 9 prayer.

Sheep Shearer

Whereas this quest isn’t as enticing by way of rewards as the opposite two, it is without doubt one of the best quests to finish and requires no fight. To the North of Lumbridge, on the northern finish of the western hen farm, you’ll discover Fred the Farmer. Fred desires 20 balls of wool. We advocate you purchase the wool balls from the Grand Trade or purchase them from the Basic Retailer in Lumbridge (which usually has them in inventory.) When you’d like, you’ll be able to shear sheep south of his home and spin the wool on the spinning wheel on the second flooring of Lumbridge Citadel. Nevertheless you go about it, purchase 20 balls of wool and return to Fred. Converse with him and also you’re completed with the search!

Cook dinner’s Assistant

That is one other simple one, even perhaps simpler than the Sheep Shearer. All that’s required of you is to convey him a pot of flour, an egg, and a bucket of milk. The added bonus is you’ll get to make use of the Lumbridge Citadel vary, which can scale back the possibility you burn meals it doesn’t matter what you’re cooking. Converse with the Cook dinner within the Lumbridge Citadel kitchen to begin the search. When you purchase this stuff on the Grand Trade, you’ll be able to then converse to him once more instantly with this stuff in your stock and also you’re completed.

If you would like or must go about buying this stuff your self, choose up the pot on the desk within the kitchen and get a bucket from the overall retailer. Milk a cow on the cow discipline east of the town throughout the bridge and choose up an egg from the hen coup subsequent to the cow discipline or the chickens north of Lumbridge. For the flour, go choose some grain from the sector north of the town, head to the highest flooring of the hopper, pull the lever, and head again to the underside flooring to make use of your pot on the bin. Then stroll on again to the kitchen and converse with the chef to complete your quest.

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