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The Cycle Frontier’s July 2022 Dev Update Talks About More Shotgun Nerfs, Grenade Spams, and SMGs — Too Much Gaming

SMG’s being addressed

One of many greatest takeaways from this 6-minute video is how they’re attempting to provide SMGs extra that means for gamers to drop with because it’s at the moment not the best choice when you might have starter shotguns and assault rifles being a more practical choice in each near medium vary encounters. The change they’re hoping to implement is a discount of recoil and the pace of switching to ADS on all SMGs.

Beginning shotguns getting nerfed quickly

Additionally they talked about shotguns, specifically the Trenchgun and Bulldog, two starter shotguns which can be at the moment overperforming to some extent that gamers with blue (uncommon) armor will nonetheless must be cautious as you’ll be able to go down fast with these weapons in shut vary. Not perfect, particularly with the Trenchgun being low-cost however produces excessive worth when used correctly. This gun will get a injury nerf on the subsequent patch. For the Bulldog, no injury nerf however an adjustment to the weapon’s refire charge can be utilized. Lastly, PKR Maelstrom can be getting some love as its recoil can be decreased, however with the price of an enormous unfold with every shot. 

Grenade spam

Then, the notorious grenade spam that’s at the moment within the meta in season 1.Grenades are in a harmful place proper now as teams and even solos would toss a number of grenades directly on a participant’s place, doubtless securing a kill or on the very least giving the grenadier a possibility to push. The difficulty it appears is the delay earlier than the grenade explodes and the sound it makes when thrown. There’s not sufficient time for a mean participant to react to a grenade spam, so the builders want to enhance the delay earlier than it explodes, ideally giving a participant time to relocate earlier than the second grenade lands in your ft. 

The Cycle: Frontier is formally out on PC by way of Steam and the Epic Video games Retailer and its first season is at the moment dwell.

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