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What if Elden Ring was a SNES game?

Elden Ring has already impressed numerous mods and fan movies, together with a playable demake on a Recreation Boy.

Now, Youtube channel 64 Bits has launched a demake video of what Elden Ring would seem like on a SNES. Spoiler: it appears incredible.

In fact, it takes a top-down viewpoint akin to traditional RPGs (the video notes Secret of Mana, Terranigma, and Remaining Fantasy 6 as inspiration), with a cute little Tarnished defeating varied iconic bosses with melee weapons and magic.

For the world map, although, the video reveals off some nostalgic Mode 7 3D graphic results earlier than transporting down into particular areas and dungeons.

The video is notable too for all its references. There are all of the bosses you like to hate: from Radahn and Malenia, to Godrick and Astel with infuriating seize assault. There are cute variations of Radahn’s armour and the Prisoner masks. There’s Miriel the turtle pope, full with “reward the canine” reference. Even Ranni makes an look on the finish.

It is devoted to each the SNES period and FromSoftware’s epic, it has beautiful pixel interpretations of the characters, and most of all appears like it might be genuinely playable.

I want this was actual.

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