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Space Heist Is a Casual Arcade Game with a Tricky Color-Matching Twist

House Heist may simply as simply have been known as House Getaway.

A heist is a sophisticated affair that includes finding out schematics, casing joints, and searching snappy in a go well with. You don’t want to fret about any of that stuff in House Heist. You simply should fly quick. 

Actually, actually quick. 

Developed by Upstairs Studio, the workforce behind the extremely ingenious Blind Pong, House Heist is a hyper-casual recreation that sees you piloting a modern, glowing craft by way of a rotating 12-sided tube suspended in area. 

The twist is which you could solely fly over surfaces which are NOT the identical colour as your craft. Gliding over a path of the alternative colour will allow you to step by step choose up pace,. Gliding over the identical colour will drain your pace. Lose an excessive amount of pace and it’s recreation over. 

Naturally meaning it’s worthwhile to preserve transferring left and proper to remain on the correct path. This might be easy sufficient if it weren’t for the sport’s different main hazard: blocks. 

As you hurtle forwards you’ll have to barter rows of cubes that patrol the within fringe of the tunnel. As soon as once more, you possibly can cross by way of cubes of the alternative colour with out taking harm, whereas colliding with the identical colour will price you a life. 

You’ve bought two power-ups readily available that will help you avert catastrophe. There’s a pace increase, which helps you to briefly glide over any floor you want, and a ray that adjustments the colour of the dice in entrance of you. 

These power-ups are in brief provide, nonetheless, so it’s worthwhile to use them correctly. In the event you can chorus from utilizing them in any respect you’ll finally get a super-powerful model that lasts longer and works higher. 

On the finish of every run you’ll get factors. You may spend these on unlocking new ships, colour themes, and additional lives. Plus, you’ll get to see the place you sit on the leaderboard. 

And that’s it. House Heist is a straightforward, addictive, and infuriatingly tough informal arcade recreation. You may obtain it without cost proper now on the Google Play Retailer or the App Retailer.

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