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FFXIV Endwalker ‘In the Balance’ Song Lyrics Shared

The FFXIV Endwalker EP with songs from the Myths of the Realm raid is right here, and so are “Within the Stability” music lyrics. The observe performs throughout one of many somewhat essential fights through the raid. To have fun the 5 observe soundtrack’s debut, the Developer’s Weblog supplied all of the phrases to it.

Editor’s Observe: There might be FFXIV Endwalker Myths of the Realm spoilers related to the music under.

In FFXIV, the music “Within the Stability” performs when somebody is combating Nald’thal throughout Aglaia. The lyrics seek advice from the truth that somebody is combating each Nald and Thal.

Listed below are the total lyrics for the FFXIV Endwalker music.

O twin gods bless this land, to us treasure bestow
Metropolis of desert sands, water and gold under

Lifeblood and rubies pink, valuable cash forged aglow
4 arms our fortunes mend, that need we might not know

And once we attain our ends, to scales we gladly go
Our fates are yours to bend, to hells and heavens move

Below arid sky, with silk veils we weave a rainbow
Voices lifted excessive, desires upon our backs we feature

When day beckons night time (day and night time dancing),
As does stressed time we by no means sluggish

Trusting hand in hand, life loss of life will observe
Stoke now nascent flame, brighter burn, dance with souls afire
Might ember catch and red-gold spark rise to new heights
Might we wish for naught coin can purchase
By no means see wealth’s river run dry
Might we discover fortune after life
For this we pray, we pray, we pray, we pray twinfold

Stoke now kindled flame, hotter burn, sing until breath expires
Might those that wander paths at midnight discover firelight
Might all of us as true equals die
By no means worry unjust favor’s chunk
Might we be judged by what is true
For this we pray, we pray, we pray, we pray twinfold

The brand new EP additionally contains the songs “Hippo Ridin’,” “The Map Unfolds,” “Pilgrimage,” and “Radiance.”

Last Fantasy XIV and its Endwalker enlargement can be found for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. The FFXIV Endwalker EP is on the market for $4.95 and contains the music “Within the Stability.”

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