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Toy Caves Is A Free Six-Color Game That Will Take Over Your Day

Toy Cavers, rendered in five colors, with two characters swinging from a tether.

Screenshot: Ismael Rodriguez / Kotaku

There’s a cause you subscribe to some builders’ Itch.io feeds. Ismael Rodriguez is a wonderful instance, who launched the great Beneath The Ocean final yr. Into my emails pinged an replace for a brand new, free recreation, Toy Cavers, and I’m simply so happy it did.

Created for the continued Itch recreation jam, Misplaced Relic Video games, Toy Cavers takes the physicsy swinging ropes of Beneath The Ocean (which you must get proper now!), and as a substitute of making use of them as oxygen tubes, this time makes use of them as a tether between two pixel characters, working collectively to discover a system of caves.

Don’t be fooled by the extremely simplistic-looking presentation. (Not lease as a result of it’s additionally bloomin’ beautiful.) It is a recreation to take pleasure in immediately, however grasp as you play. Every clockwork character has a decide, and you turn between them by their alternating swings. When you’re in command of one, you may then transfer them round platform-style, together with leaping them up partitions because of what I’ve determined are very spikey footwear. The opposite will get tugged alongside behind by the tether.

Nonetheless, pin one in place with their decide, and the opposite can then considerably improbably swing on the tether, permitting them to fling concerning the caves, and jab a decide into one other wall. Thus you start having the 2 characters work collectively to navigate their manner throughout pits, avoiding spikes, and majestically negotiating their manner by means of the cave chambers.

It’s within the artwork of the swing the place the mastery comes. It’s technically playable on controller, however I’ve had some actual points getting the soar to work correctly, so I recommend sticking to the mouse/keyboard controls. Right here, you progress them about with WASD, and it’ll take a little bit of practise to get the rope-swinging controls good. When you do, wow, what a pleasure it’s to play, deftly switching between the 2 to clear obstacles, climb pillars, and keep away from these pesky pink spikes.

A lit room in Toy Cavers, with a green switch and a distant coin to grab.

Screenshot: Ismael Rodriguez / Kotaku

Many of the recreation’s ranges are set in dimly lit caves, however brighten within the space by which your toy explores are stood. This creates some pretty results on the six-color scenes, and likewise provides an additional aspect of exploration, as you wish to be sure that to know what you’re leaping towards. (Nonetheless, the sport is extraordinarily forgiving, with infinite lives, and a checkpoint on each display screen.) Doing so pushes you towards experimenting with the tether, and a few actually pretty moments of success.

Every space additionally has an optionally available coin to gather, positioned in a spot that requires extra-tricky maneuvers. I used to be so damned happy with myself after I labored out how to decrease one of many characters down a gap above a pit of spikes to collect one golden trinket.

It is a ridiculously stable recreation for a week-long recreation jam entry! Additionally for one which’s free. Nonetheless, this being Itch.io, you may in fact select to pay for it in case you can. I’d suggest doing so. There’s a very good hour of enjoyable right here, in case you take your time and get all of the cash. I’m more than happy to have found this.


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