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Aspyr Admit There’s No Way To Complete KOTOR II On Switch

Knights Of The Old Republic II, with three characters sporting light sabres and blasters in front of their ship.

Screenshot: Aspyr / Obsidian

Er, whoops. Aspyr, the developer/porter behind the current launch of Knights Of The Previous Republic II on Nintendo Change, has tweeted that it’s conscious the sport is presently unattainable to complete.

The Austin-based Aspyr made its title porting traditional video games to new programs, most lately bringing a slew of Star Wars titles to the Change. The newest of those is the achingly named however totally fantastic Star Wars: Knights Of The Previous Republic II – The Sith Lords, launched a few weeks in the past.

However after some urgent from a buyer, the studio acknowledged it’s conscious the sport is presently bugged such that it can’t be accomplished on Nintendo’s handheld.

It was a formidable effort from Daniel Moore, who first requested if the corporate was “conscious there isn’t a option to full this recreation?” Aspyr replied with a relatively ambiguous remark about “a identified situation that will probably be addressed within the subsequent patch,” then linking to its help pages. However Moore pressed the studio additional, making clear he was nicely conscious of the difficulty, then repeating his question. Are they conscious?

Aspyr then replied fessing up. “Sure, we’re conscious,” it stated, earlier than including, “our dev workforce is engaged on delivering the patch as quickly as doable.”

It raises some relatively vital questions in regards to the QA on the sport, that it might be licensed and launched in a kind unattainable to complete. There’s additionally the query of for the way lengthy Aspyr has been conscious its product has a game-breaking bug that impacts all gamers, however haven’t communicated this to potential and present prospects. We’ve contact Aspyr to ask these questions.

Nintendo may be notably tough on the subject of releasing patches for video games, which is able to add to the delay earlier than that is fastened. However crikey, what a mistake to have made. Actually price holding off selecting up this glorious Obsidian RPG till there’s higher information.


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