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Halladay and Friends Program Breakdown

Coming off the Spring Cleanup Program, we now get essentially the most divergent and shortest program (two weeks) up to now in MLB The Present 22 Diamond Dynasty. The Halladay and Associates Program removes the concept of boss packs and the like, and as an alternative we will probably be happening the XP path to snag a bunch of Blue Jays and Phillies earlier than snagging a Postseason Roy Halladay as the ultimate participant reward. I consider this program nearly like an prolonged model of an previous participant program (perhaps like one of many previous Jackie Robinson applications from prior years), so it’s definitely a brand new wrinkle for DD. Will probably be attention-grabbing to see the way it goes and the way engaged individuals are as all of them principally chase the identical rewards.

Halladay And Associates Program

Participant Rewards

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  • Rookie Roy Halladay (bronze)
  • Veteran Ryan Howard (bronze)
  • Breakout Carlos Delgado (gold)
  • All-Star Chase Utley (gold)
  • Breakout Roy Halladay (gold)
  • All-Star Shane Victorino (diamond)
  • All-Star Roy Halladay (diamond)
  • Veteran Roy Oswalt (diamond)
  • 2nd Half Heroes Cole Hamels (diamond)

So that you get two bronze gamers, three gold gamers, and 4 diamond gamers within the lead as much as a closing diamond Postseason Roy Halladay. There are not any new Classics packs or alternative packs, which is one other departure from the norm. Nevertheless, we do have a Cowl Athletes pack and a Takashi Okazaki pack (Delgado and Joe Morgan not in it in case you had been questioning) on the XP reward path.

Last Participant Reward

Halladay And Friends - Postseason Roy Halladay

It’s simple to see the enchantment of this card. It has nearly a full meta arsenal of pitches, 106 H/9, and all the opposite peripherals are completely stable in addition to Okay/9. The management is probably not fairly tippy-top tier, however every thing in addition to the 4-seam fastball has over 85 management. Not one of the pitches have 99 break, however once more, all have stable numbers right here as nicely. Lastly, the pitch velocity differentials won’t be that spectacular (plus the fastball is just not overwhelming), however it’s actually simply going to come back right down to seeing how he appears on the mound. It’s at all times just a little laborious to determine if a pitcher will probably be good till you see him reside, however Halladay has all of the makings of a stable ace at this level within the season.

Normal Objectives

  • Gameplay XP
  • Each day Moments
  • March to October

Featured Program Moments

Every second is value 2,000 XP:

  • Halladay Handles Cleveland
    • Issue: Veteran
    • Pitch 2 innings
    • Don’t surrender 1 run
    • Strike out 2 batters
  • Halladay Is Too A lot To Deal with
    • Issue: Veteran
    • Strike out 4 batters
    • Don’t surrender 1 run
  • Doc Places On A Show
    • Issue: Veteran
    • Pitch 3 innings
    • Don’t surrender 1 hit
    • Strike out 3 batters
  • Roy Ruins The Giants Day
    • Issue: Veteran
    • Strike out 5 batters
    • Don’t surrender 1 residence run
  • Delgado Does Injury
    • Issue: Rookie
    • Tally 2 hits
    • Tally 1 XBH
  • Flyin’ Hawaiian Helps Philly Offense
    • Issue: Rookie
    • Tally 1 XBH
  • Chase Places A Cost Into One
    • Issue: Rookie
    • Hit 1 residence run
  • Roy Is By no means Rattled
    • Issue: Veteran
    • Pitch 2 innings
    • Don’t surrender 1 run
    • Strike out 1 batter
  • Cole Carves Em Up
    • Issue: Veteran
    • Strike out 6 batters
    • Don’t surrender 1 run
  • Howard Hunts For The Heater
    • Issue: Rookie
    • Tally 1 XBH

Week 1: Legend & Flashback Missions

New this yr, Parallel XP missions are missions the place you utilize a participant and earn a specific amount of Parallel XP with the participant. You earn Parallel XP extra shortly relying on the mode you play and the way nicely you do with that participant.

All missions are value 3,000 XP every:

  • 500 PxP with Rookie Roy Halladay
  • 350 PxP with Veteran Ryan Howard or Cowl Athletes Ryan Howard
  • 350 PxP with Breakout Carlos Delgado or Takashi Okazaki Carlos Delgado
  • 350 PxP with All-Star Chase Utley, or Takashi Okazaki Chase Utley, or Prime Chase Utley
  • 500 PxP with Breakout Roy Halladay
  • 350 PxP with All-Star Shane Victorino
  • 500 PxP with All-Star Roy Halladay
  • 500 PxP with Veteran Roy Oswalt
  • 500 PxP with 2nd Half Heroes Cole Hamels


  • Trade Reside Collection gamers (10,000 XP)
  • Trade Reside Collection gamers (15,000 XP)

Ringing Bell Conquest Map

Halladay And Friends - Ringing Bell Conquest

With this Conquest map, you’ll earn 30,000 XP for those who full the objectives. No particular objectives are required right here, and you’ll snag some additional Present packs and a few additional equipment alongside the best way.

Rewards Construction

  • 5,000 XP – Legend icons alternative pack, 500 stubs
  • 10,000 XP – Rookie Roy Halladay, 1,000 stubs
  • 15,000 XP – Legend bat skins alternative pack, 500 stubs
  • 20,000 XP – Silver Stars alternative pack, 500 stubs
  • 30,000 XP – Veteran Ryan Howard, 1,000 stubs
  • 35,000 XP – Basic stadium alternative pack
  • 40,000 XP – Classics alternative pack
  • 50,000 XP – Breakout Carlos Delgado
  • 60,000 XP – Toronto Blue Jays Alternate Dwelling 2006 uniform, 1,000 stubs
  • 65,000 XP – Philadelphia Phillies Alternate Dwelling 2016 uniform, 1,000 stubs
  • 70,000 XP – All-Star Chase Utley
  • 80,000 XP – The Present pack
  • 90,000 XP – Breakout Roy Halladay, 500 stubs
  • 100,000 XP – The Present pack (x5)
  • 110,000 XP – All-Star Shane Victorino, 1,000 stubs
  • 120,000 XP – Headliners Set 10 pack
  • 130,000 XP – All-Star Roy Halladay, 1,500 stubs
  • 140,000 XP – Headliners Set 11 pack,
  • 150,000 XP – Veteran Roy Oswalt, 1,500 stubs
  • 160,000 XP – Headliners Set 12 pack
  • 170,000 XP – 2nd Half Heroes Cole Hamels, 1,500 stubs
  • 180,000 XP – Headliners Set 13 pack
  • 190,000 XP – Ballin’ Is A Behavior pack (x2)
  • 200,000 XP – Postseason Roy Halladay, 1,500 stubs
  • 210,000 XP – Headliners Set 14 pack
  • 225,000 XP – The Present pack (x5)
  • 240,000 XP – Huge Canine Set 1 alternative pack
  • 225,000 XP – Headliners Set 15 pack (x2)
  • 270,000 XP – Cowl Athletes alternative pack
  • 285,000 XP – Headliners Set 10 pack (x2)
  • 300,000 XP – Ballin’ Is A Behavior pack (x2)
  • 325,000 XP – Huge Canine Set 2 alternative pack
  • 340,000 XP – Takashi Okazaki alternative pack
  • 360,000 XP – Headliners Set 11 pack (x2)
  • 380,000 XP – Ballin’ Is A Behavior pack (x3)
  • 400,000 XP – Huge Canine Set 3 alternative pack
  • 425,000 XP – The Present pack (x5)
  • 450,000 XP – The Present pack (x5)
  • 475,000 XP –  The Present pack (x5)
  • 500,000 XP – The Present pack (x5)

Backside Line

With only one “boss” within the Featured Program, we’ll see how aggressive SDS is right here giving out XP in a shortened program. I think about this will probably be a brand new regular for particular legends SDS is worked up to introduce to the lots, and it most likely is a good suggestion to throw this form of program in as a change of tempo. The Inning Applications may get boring and predictable, so switching up the rewards construction and all which are a logical strategy to attempt to maintain issues contemporary throughout a protracted season.

The draw back right here is there’s no technique to who you would possibly choose within the alternative packs (plus you get a number of Halladay diamonds), and among the pleasure of this system is sapped by already having seen Delgado in a greater kind — to not point out already getting a number of variations of Utley and Howard. Nonetheless, Victorino, Oswalt, and Hamels are new diamonds for this yr (although we all know these gamers nicely in DD), and I’m stoked to get my palms on Halladay playing cards.

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