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Apex Legends Mobile Character Guide – Every Legend Explained, and How to Unlock Them

Apex Legends Cellular has simply landed on the Google Play Retailer and the App Retailer, bringing its particular model of team-based battle royale to your pocket-sized units. In addition to that, it’s introduced lots of well-known faces which you could choose from earlier than you stride out into battle.

There are ten characters in complete, every with their very own distinctive set of expertise. And there are alternative ways to unlock all of them as properly. However don’t fear, as a result of we’ve lined all of that on this helpful information.

For those who’re simply beginning out your Apex Legends journey, otherwise you’re an outdated hand who needs to know when you’ll be able to play as your favourite legend – that is the information you’ve been ready for. So let’s get to it. Listed here are all of the characters in Apex Legends Cellular and how you can unlock them.


Bloodhound is a tracker whose passive lets him see the situation and time of enemy actions. His tactical talent is a form of radar that reveals you any close by enemies. His final means that you can transfer sooner and highlights enemies and their tracks – and knockdowns will prolong its length.

Methods to unlock

Bloodhound is unlocked initially of the sport


Octane is all about transferring as quick as attainable. His passive means that you can regularly restore well being if you’re not taking any injury. His tactical transfer injects you with a stimulant that permits you to enhance your velocity and keep away from slowing results – at the price of your well being. His Final drops a bounce pad that launches you, or your squadmates, into the air and permits you a double bounce too.

Methods to unlock

Octane is unlocked initially of the sport


Lifeline is a assist character who can heal different members of the crew. Her passive is a drone that lets her revive and protect teammates whereas nonetheless transferring about. Right here tactical talent means that you can heal close by Legends over time, and her Final drops a pod full of high-tier defensive tools.

Methods to unlock

Lifeline is unlocked if you attain Degree 2


Bangalore is a soldier who’s a great character to play in case you’re not on the lookout for a selected position. When she takes fireplace whereas sprinting her velocity will increase, and her tactical transfer units off a smoke grenade that offers you and your crew cowl. Her Final calls in a focused artillery strike that damages, slows and blurs the imaginative and prescient of anybody caught in it.

Methods to unlock

Bangalore is unlocked if you attain Degree 3


Pathfinder is a nimble robotic who can use his passive talent to seek out out the place the following ring goes to be by scanning a survey beacon – doing that additionally reduces the cooldown of your Final. His tactical transfer lets him use a grappling hook to swing away and his Final creates a zipline for the entire crew to make use of.

Methods to unlock

Pathfinder is unlocked if you attain Degree 4


Gibraltar is a protect character that may take in lots of injury. His passive creates a protect if you’re aiming down the sights of no matter gun you’ve acquired outfitted. His tactical permits you to place a dome of safety that blocks incoming and outgoing assaults – and your teammates heal faster inside it. His Final calls in a mortar strike that damages, slows and blurs the imaginative and prescient of anybody caught in it.

Methods to unlock

Gibraltar is unlocked if you attain Degree 6


Wraith makes use of her management of the void to guard herself. Her passive will warn her when she’s been noticed, targetted or are close to traps. Her tactical transfer means that you can run by way of the void, transferring sooner and avoiding injury. Her Final permits you to create a portal between two locations, which any Legend can transfer by way of for 60 seconds.

Methods to unlock

Wraith is unlocked if you attain Degree 15


Caustic makes use of poisons and AoE results to hurt his enemies. His passive talent lets him see enemies by way of the fog of poison. His tactical transfer drops six canisters of fuel that launch their contents when shot or triggered by enemies, slowing and damaging them over time. His Final throws a grenade of the identical substance that covers a big space.

Methods to unlock

Caustic is unlocked if you attain Degree 20


Mirage makes use of holograms to trick different gamers. His passive lets him cloak when he makes use of Respawn Becaons and revives teammates, in addition to launch a decoy and go invisible when he’s knocked down. His tactical transfer sends out a decoy and in case you reactivate it, the decoy copies your actions. His Final sends out a crew of decoys that replicate your actions when you cloak and velocity up for a short while.

Methods to unlock

Mirage is unlocked if you attain Degree 24


Fade is a brand new Legend. He additionally makes use of the void, however in additional support-oriented method. His passive provides him a velocity enhance on the finish of a slide. His tactical transfer lets him transfer again in time a couple of seconds to a earlier location. His Final throws a grenade that sucks each Legend in vary into the void for a couple of seconds.

Methods to unlock

There are two methods to unlock Fade

  • You may accumulate Fade shards from varied reward chests
  • You may spend 750 Gold, the sport’s premium forex

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