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Furious Easy Wyvern Build Guide

Livid is a compulsory hero for conquering and farming Wyvern Hunts in Epic Seven.

His potential to inflict protection breaks on Wyverns will increase your DPS’ harm outputs by 50% and he also can apply burns.

Wyvern 13 requires at the very least 3 debuffs to all the time goal your front-line hero. In any other case, it would assault your DPS heroes and end in a failed run.

Livid additionally boosts allied crit likelihood by 50% which, alongside the 15% elemental benefit, requires your heroes to construct solely 35% crit likelihood for a 100% crit charge in opposition to Wyverns, saving loads of stats for assault, crit harm, and effectiveness.

This information is the best technique to learn to construct Livid to Wyvern 13 commonplace.

It’ll assist you to make full use of the harm and utility he brings for any Wyvern crew.

Obligatory Stats

Beneath are the stats you positively want for Livid to be as much as Wyvern 13 degree. So long as you attain these minimal necessities, different stats don’t matter.

Degree: 50

Assault: 2500

Velocity: 190 (ensure he’s the quickest on the crew)

Crit Likelihood: 35%

Crit Harm: 230%

Effectiveness: 65%

That’s it!
Very straightforward for any new participant to perform. 🙂

Aspect Be aware: 3* awakening and s2/s3 cooldown discount talent enhances are additionally required.

What artifact is greatest for Livid?

Listed below are the 4 greatest artifacts to make use of on Livid:

  1. Tune of Stars
  2. Rosa Hargana
  3. Infinity Basket
  4. Daydream Joker

Truthfully, the artifact doesn’t matter an excessive amount of as long as Livid has the above stats, in addition to some highly effective DPS/debuffers (reminiscent of Alexa, Muwi, Sigret, or Clarissa).

Simply to show how superb this information is, see my Livid beneath 🙂 he’s a part of my 95% win-rate Wyvern 13 crew!

Final word: His pace is decrease as a result of I run a Basic Purrgis Wyvern crew, decreasing the pace stats wanted for different models.

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