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Yu-Gi-Oh: Top 10 Best Floodgates

In case you’re unfamiliar with the “Floodgate” time period, it’s a phrase for a card that seeks to close down gameplay mechanics for an opponent. It will possibly cease them drawing, utilizing playing cards/results and even from summoning monsters.

Principally utilized in stall decks resembling Exodia, some floodgates provide a lot energy that they see aggressive viability. In case you can go first and set the correct floodgate lure, you’ve just about already gained, in case your opponent has no Spell/Lure removing.

Maintaining observe of one of the best and most meta floodgates is so necessary although. It’ll aid you to grasp what your finest deck is susceptible to, in addition to provide you with concepts for countering different decks!

So that can assist you out, I’ve put collectively an inventory of the ten finest floodgates in Yu-Gi-Oh!

10. Self-importance’s Fiend

Vanity's Fiend, one of the best level 6 monsters in Yugioh

Most helpful in a Monarch deck, Self-importance’s Fiend may be sided into any deck that may summon it effectively. In case you can summon this monster first flip, your opponent could have very restricted choices with regards to their flip.

Being unable to particular summon monsters is an absolute killer, few decks can take care of it with out losing so many sources.

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9. Barrier Statues

Barrier Statues, one of the best floodgates in Yugioh

Every attribute has its personal Barrier Statue, which may shut down your opponent’s technique nearly utterly.

In fact, if their deck comprises monsters of the identical attribute, you’ll have a little bit of an issue.

Not often does that occur although, so general it’s a particularly low-cost and simple strategy to stop particular summoning.

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8. Mystic Mine

Fabled as one of the vital hated playing cards in Yu-Gi-Oh proper now, because of its potential to utterly shut down complete decks.

Opponents have to particularly play spells/traps that may destroy a spell or they straight up lose the duel.

Mostly utilized in burn decks, Mystic Mine is an incredible funds floodgate for lots of decks that don’t depend on monsters.

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7. Anti-Spell Perfume

Anti-Spell Fragrance, one of the best floodgates in Yugioh

One other floodgate for going first. Activating or setting your personal Spell playing cards mean you can set Anti-Spell Perfume with out fear of locking your self out. As quickly as your opponent attracts, flip this Lure card to stop their Spell activations. Towards Spell-heavy decks resembling Sky Strikers and True Draco, few floodgate playing cards can be as efficient as this one!

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6. Gozen Match

Gozen Match, one of the best floodgates in Yugioh

Because the launch of Knightmares, loads of archetypes search to Hyperlink climb effectively to both FTK or arrange an unbreakable board. Luckily, Knightmares are all completely different attributes so Gozen Match lets you play Yugioh as effectively.

In fact, not all decks have separate attributes. Lots of them, resembling Blue-Eyes, solely utilise a single attribute so general, Gozen Match is situational!

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5. Ability Drain

Skill Drain, one of the best floodgates in Yugioh

The unique floodgate, Ability Drain gives a full-on dependable field-wide impact negation. Restricted to 1 copy per deck, this card continues to be so good that it’s a good selection competitively, particularly in decks that prefer to spam excessive ATK beaters.

Paying 1000 life factors in return is just about nothing for the way a lot management it offers you over the duel.

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4. Macro Cosmos

Macro Cosmos, one of the best floodgates in Yugioh

Macro Cosmos is a card that may win matches by itself, towards the correct decks. What number of archetypes, aggressive or not, revolve round their graveyard these days? Nearly all of them. Flipping this card after your opponent begins their combos will hand you the sport proper there. Simply don’t use it towards your pals an excessive amount of, as they’ll hate dueling you afterwards!

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3. Necrovalley

Of all Area Spells within the sport, Necrovalley is in a league of its personal. You’ll be able to ignore the Gravekeeper’s features of this card, because the secondary results are unbelievable.

Like I discussed beforehand, nearly each half-decent technique utilises the graveyard so stopping any playing cards from affecting it’s superb.

A pleasant technique is to additionally add A Cat of In poor health Omen into the deck, because it’ll set any Lure card out of your deck as long as Necrovalley is on the sector!

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2. Rivalry of Warlords

Rivalry of Warlords, one of the best floodgates in Yugioh

A extra dependable Gozen Match (talked about beforehand on this listing), Rivalry of Warlords can’t stand Knightmares nevertheless it does cease different types of Hyperlink climbing.

Some archetypes undergo towards this Lure card, resembling Lightsworns, Cubics and Burning Abyss. H

aving mentioned that, a number of Knightmare decks are Warrior based mostly so Rivalry of Warlords can be efficient towards them.

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1. Imperial Order

Imperial Order, the best floodgate in Yugioh

Imperial Order is restricted to 1 copy per deck for good purpose, it’s bizarrely robust. Fully stopping all Spell playing cards and results, this floodgate will shut down nearly each deck within the sport in the event you can set it first flip.

Positive, it doesn’t provide the choice to take away it from the sector however in the event you’ve already used your finest Spell playing cards, you’ll have already got a really game-winning benefit!

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